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I have a scenario where I need to encrypt a document, then convert it to another format and then decrypt from that particular format converting into the format which would have gotten had we converted the original document without encryption.

In Steps - 
 Document D, Encryption E, Conversion C

 D with E gives ED
 ED converted with C gives CED
 D converted with C gives CD
 CED when decrypted should return CD

Does anyone know any algorithm/software/technology which help me to do this?

Thanks for the help, Regards

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In terms of encryption, this would only be possible if your encryption E was a stream cypher, and the conversion C was an exact byte to byte translation. Any change to the number of bytes (for example, different end-of-line codes) would render it impossible.

In symbolic terms:

D XOR E => ED    (encryption)
ED XOR C => CED  (conversion ED -> CED)
D XOR C => CD    (conversion D -> CD)
CED XOR E => CD  (decryption)

Much simpler to separate encryption and conversion. Only convert a decrypted version of the document.

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