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Any one can tell me that how to Blackberry sdk installation with netbeans for Mobile application development

i am trying to plugin but not able to do .

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what have you tried ? –  Lucifer Aug 14 '12 at 14:55

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I have used this tutorial in the past. You can ignore the part about J2ME Polish. Also, I think the Mobility Pack might come with new versions of Netbeans now (it didn't use to). Or, it's possible that in the Netbeans -> Tools -> Plugins menu, you might need to make sure the Java ME plugin is installed.

He references much older SDK versions, but as long as you download the newer JDE versions here (SDKs) from BlackBerry, the same basic instructions should work for you.

I've been using Netbeans less and less, and the BlackBerry Eclipse plugin more, in recent years, despite the fact that I like Netbeans better, as a general-purpose IDE. Unfortunately, you'll find that RIM is focused on Eclipse at this point.

But, you should still be able to use Netbeans if you like.

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I used the combination of Netbeans + BlackBerry Ant Tools + BlackBerry JDE

BlackBerry JDE is used to provide javac.exe and net_rim_api.jar and SignatureTool.jar files. Which I invoked from Ant script.

BlackBerry Ant Tools provided me with useful ant tasks to compile, package and sign the application.

Try this way. It worked for me, and I think, it will work for you.

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