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Im getting syntax error for the following haml

= javascript_include_tag :reports 
= stylesheet_link_tag    :form
= stylesheet_link_tag    :tab


= form_for @report, {:html => {class => "form"}} do |f|
    = f.label :Property
%form{ :action => "/reports/find/employees", :method => "get"}
        %label{:for => "property"} Property:
        %input{:type => "text", :name => "query[1][property]" }
        %label{:for => "comp"} Comparator:
        %input{:type => "text", :name => "query[1][comp]" }
        %label{:for => "value"} Value:
        %input{:type => "text", :name => "query[1][value]"}
    %input{:type => "submit", :value => "Go" }

The error im getting is :

index.html.haml:12: syntax error, unexpected tASSOC
haml_temp =  form_for @report, {:html => {class => "form"}} do |f|
index.html.haml:12: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting keyword_end
haml_temp =  form_for @report, {:html => {class => "form"}} do |f|
index.html.haml:17: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end
Extracted source (around line #12):

9:   .tab
10:     .field
12: = form_for @report, {:html => {class => "form"}} do |f|
13:   .field
14:     = f.label :Property
15: b

Whats causing this error ?

Please Help Thank You.

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You're missing a :, should be:

haml_temp =  form_for @report, {:html => {:class => "form"}} do |f|
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At form tag there is 'html=> {some code}, you missed : for `class

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