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My interpreter is the python 2.6 interpreter that comes with cygwin.

I have a pydev project that contains a linked folder. In the folder, due to outside constraints, I have two sub-folders, one with a bunch of scripts I develop, and one which serves as the run directory for all my run configurations.

When I run the project (not debug) everything works fine.

However, when I choose to debug the project, my custom modules aren't found, and the import fails.

I tried adding my scripts folder to PYTHONPATH, but that didn't help, and when I printed sys.path It contained weird stuff, all of the form:

<path to run directory>/<path to entry in PYTHONPATH>

I can't make heads or tails out of it.

I'll appreciate any help.

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See question 9855319 for a suggested workaround. –  StellarVortex Jun 18 at 19:58

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Unfortunately, that's a known issue. PyDev does not support Cygwin for debugging. The primary reason is that the paths that Python reports don't match the paths you configure in windows, so, a translation step would be needed for each path (even some other areas such as code-completion or code-analysis could have problems).

You can probably do this translation yourself at eclipse/plugins/org.python.pydev_x.x.x/pysrc/pydevd_file_utils.py (instructions on the file), but note that this may be more work than it's worth (the recommended approach is using a native Python install on Windows instead of through cygwin) -- or if you need an interpreter on Linux, develop on Linux :)

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Thanks @FabioZadrozny :) –  StoryTeller Aug 19 '12 at 10:42

Thanks, you made my day, its actually very easy,

you have to change the PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON variable inside pydevd_file_utils.py as,

PATHS_FROM_ECLIPSE_TO_PYTHON = [ (r'C:\Users\usernam\workspace-cpp\python-proj\src', r'/cygdrive/c/Users/usernam/workspace-cpp/python-proj/src') ]

But this needs to be changed for all your own python source files you desire to debug

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