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I wonder how can I make a ListView's elements slide out on slide, like the way you can slide a notification from the notifications bar in Android. This is my situation:

I have a list of items, and, when the user wants to remove an item from this list, she simply slides an element towards the edge of the screen. I would like this slide-out to be visible, e.g. to use some kind of animation that slides out that given View holding the item.

Here are some images to illustrate this.

First, this is the normal state of the notification.

Normal state of notification

And then, this is during slide-out

State during slide-out


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Roman Nurik (Android developer advocate) created a quick-and-dirty swipe-to-dismiss implementation. Jake Wharton backported it, using NineOldAndroids, to work on earlier Android versions. You might give one of those a try.

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Great! exactly what I needed. –  goldenJackal Aug 20 '12 at 9:29

The Android class com.android.systemui.statusbar.policy.NotificationRowLayout (Android 4.1.1 versions throughout) appears to be the manager of the notification bar rows, and it uses a helper class com.android.systemui.SwipeHelper which appears to do precisely the sort of thing you want.

So NotificationRowLayout is an example of the use of SwipeHelper which is hopefully the thing you were looking for!

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Thanks for the answer. But I found CommonsWare's answer a bit better. Note that I upvoted your answer, though. –  goldenJackal Aug 20 '12 at 9:30

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