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Actually, I am not sure about this but i have this condition where i check whether internet is available or not and accordingly load the image into AsyncImageView. It works fine when i load any image from the internet, but is it possible to load a local image to AsyncImageView?

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I guess you mean AsyncImageView by Nick Lockwood? This is simply a category to UIImageView, so when you have the image already, why not set the image property directly?

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Actually i got the solution to this problem.All i did was this

 NSURL *theURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:@"/Users/gaurav/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/Applications/AC6E9B2E-DB25-4933-A338-755B134E1A61/Documents/Attachment290_294_1344928691.jpeg"];
    NSLog(@"local URl is::%@",theURL);
    [self.asyncimageview loadImageFromURL:theURL];
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Perhaps the following will help you.

  1. Make a new file

  2. Inherit from UIImageView

  3. Copy/Paste the following code.


    import "ASIHTTPRequest.h"

    @interface AsynchronousImageView : UIImageView{ NSMutableData *data; UIActivityIndicatorView *activityIndicator; NSString *urlString; // key for image cache dictionary ASIHTTPRequest *requestLocal; } @property(nonatomic,assign) UIActivityIndicatorView *activityIndicator;

    • (void)loadImageFromURLString:(NSString *)theUrlString;
    • (void)loadImageFromNSURL:(NSURL *)theUrl;
    • (void)loadImageFromFile:(NSString *)filePath; -(void) showLoader; -(void) stopLoader; @end
  4. Then In .m file paste the following.

    import "AsynchronousImageView.h"

    import "ASIDownloadCache.h"

    @implementation AsynchronousImageView @synthesize activityIndicator;

    • (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame { self = [super initWithFrame:frame]; if (self) { // Initialization code //[self setContentMode:UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit]; } return self; } -(void)dealloc { if (requestLocal) { [requestLocal setDelegate:nil]; } requestLocal = nil; activityIndicator = nil; [super dealloc]; } /* // Only override drawRect: if you perform custom drawing. // An empty implementation adversely affects performance during animation.
    • (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect { // Drawing code } */ -(void) showLoader{ if(activityIndicator == nil){ activityIndicator = [[UIActivityIndicatorView alloc]initWithActivityIndicatorStyle:UIActivityIndicatorViewStyleWhiteLarge]; [self addSubview:activityIndicator]; activityIndicator.frame = CGRectMake(self.bounds.size.width / 2.0f - activityIndicator.frame.size.width /2.0f, self.bounds.size.height / 2.0f - activityIndicator.frame.size.height /2.0f, activityIndicator.frame.size.width, activityIndicator.frame.size.height); [activityIndicator release]; } [activityIndicator startAnimating]; } -(void) stopLoader{ if(activityIndicator){ [activityIndicator stopAnimating]; [activityIndicator removeFromSuperview]; activityIndicator = nil; } }
    • (void)loadImageFromFile:(NSString *)filePath { UIImage *img = [UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:filePath]; [self setImage:img]; [self stopLoader]; }
    • (void)loadImageFromURLString:(NSString *)theUrlString { /if (requestLocal) { [requestLocal setDelegate:nil]; }/ requestLocal = nil; [self showLoader]; NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:theUrlString]; requestLocal = [ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:url]; [requestLocal setDelegate:self]; [requestLocal setDidFailSelector:@selector(requestFailed)]; [requestLocal setDownloadCache:[ASIDownloadCache sharedCache]]; [requestLocal setCacheStoragePolicy:ASICachePermanentlyCacheStoragePolicy]; [requestLocal startAsynchronous]; self.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"playerDefault.png"]; }

    -(void)loadImageFromNSURL:(NSURL *)theUrl { if (requestLocal) { [requestLocal setDelegate:nil]; } requestLocal = nil; requestLocal = [ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:theUrl]; [requestLocal setDelegate:self]; [requestLocal setDidFailSelector:@selector(requestFailed)]; [requestLocal startAsynchronous]; }

    • (void)requestFinished:(ASIHTTPRequest *)request { requestLocal = nil; [self stopLoader]; UIImage *tempArt = [UIImage imageWithData:[request responseData]]; if (tempArt) { self.image = tempArt; } [data release]; data = nil; } -(void)requestFailed:(ASIHTTPRequest *)request{ requestLocal = nil; [self stopLoader]; [data release]; data = nil; } @end
  5. Then in your ViewComtroller .h import AsycnhronousImageView class and write this

    Make the IBOutlet of your image like this.

    IBOutlet AsycnhronousImageView *image;

  6. Change the class in xib AsycnhronousImageView rather than UIImage View

  7. Call the following Method

    • (void)loadImageFromFile:(NSString *)filePath;
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