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I need to use inline edit in my application. For this purpose I am using the Jeditable plugin for jQuery.

I want to trigger editable mode for an element only when I click on it. This is my code which doesn't work:

var tet = "";
$(".edit-client").click(function(event) {
    tet = "#"+event.target.id;

$(tet).editable("/bestcredit/admin.php/request/editClient", {
    submitdata : function (value,settings){
                    return {"Client[id]":'.$model->client->id.' };

    //indicator : "Saving...",
    //tooltip   : "Click to edit...",
    submit   : "OK",
    name : "Client["+tet.substr("1")+"]"

How can I add this functionality?

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There are many ways to do it and it all depends on your HTML, but for example if you have following HTML:

<div class="edit" id="unique_id">Editable text</div> 
<a href="#" class="edit_trigger">Edit me!!</a>

Then you can use following JavaScript:

/* Bind Jeditable instances to "edit" event. */
$(".edit").editable("http://www.example.com/save.php", {
    event     : "edit"
/* Find and trigger "edit" event on correct Jeditable instance. */
$(".edit_trigger").bind("click", function() {
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I'm not sure if this answers the original question - I'm not actually sure I understand the original question - but this answers my question, so +1. –  pjmorse Nov 8 '12 at 18:49

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