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Does anybody know how to query an N:N relationship entity in CRM 2011?

I am using the library CrmRestKit and I would like to select my relationship entity xxxx_relation_nn_entity1_entity2.

Is there a way to know what fields are contained in this entity so I can query it?

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Theres a couple of ways you could do this, I havnt used the CrmRestKit but I'll assume this lets you issue all the same calls as if you were not using it.

You could issue a FetchXml query, Markus Blog has an example of how to do this.

You can use the Stunnware Tools 4.0 to help with the FetchXml. Stunnware > Products > Stunnware Tools 4.0.

Or you could also use an OData call, Lakshman has an example of how to do this, he also includes a link to an OData designer.

The Msdn also has some more information on this: Data Access Using JavaScript.

Hope that helps

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