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I have an image mySprite.png. The image is a 5x5 grid of 32x32 px sprites. This image has been loaded into the project's library.

Assuming I have a render() function inside a class, how would this class draw itself as a single sprite from this sprite sheet resource?

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The short answer is that you will want to use BitmapData.copyPixels() to copy only a small section from your source sprite sheet to your display sprite that is actually on the screen.

Something like:

private function DrawSpriteIndex( displayBitmap:Bitmap, spriteSheet:Bitmap, spriteIndex:int ):void {
  var spriteW:int = 32;
  var spriteH:int = 32;
  var sheetW:int = 5;

                                       new Rectangle( (spriteIndex % sheetW) * spriteW, Math.floor(spriteIndex / sheetW) * spriteH, 32, 32),
                                       new Point(0,0)

You may find these links helpful -- they helped me when I was learning this:

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The 3 links do not work –  Timo Huovinen May 12 '13 at 7:56
Use web.archive.org –  Garry Wong Aug 13 '13 at 19:13

Another possible method would be to put a 32x32 mask over the sheet and just move the sheet around.

It would work something like (pseudo-code):

var spriteMask:Sprite = new Sprite();
spriteSheetContainer.mask = spriteMask;

function render():void {    // this function is on the container of the sprite sheet (spriteSheetContainer in this example)
    // run offsetX & Y iteration logic.  I would assume something that uses a frame counter, modulus, and the sprite layout grid dimensions
    _spriteSheet.x = offsetX;    // move the sprite around under the mask
    _spriteSheet.y = offsetY;

It's crucial to have the mask on a container of the sprite sheet and not the sprite sheet itself, so that you can move the sprite sheet independent of the mask.

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There are some pretty major performance ramifications of doing this, as the Flash player is still drawing the entire image, even though you don't see it. –  Tyler Egeto Jul 28 '09 at 18:44

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