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I am trying to use R to rerun someone else's project, so we need to use some macros in R.

Here comes a very basic question:

m1.nlme = lme(log.bp.dia ~ M25.9to9.ma5iqr + temp.c.9to9.ma4iqr + o3.ma5iqr + sea_spring + sea_summer + sea_fall + BMI + male + age_ini, data=barbara.1.clean, random = ~ 1|study_id)

Since the model is using AR(1) [autocorrelation 1 covariance model] in SAS for within person variance, I am not sure how to do this in R.

And where I can see the index for different models, like unstructured?


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I don't know what you mean by "index" for different models, but to specify an AR(1) covariance structure for the residuals, you can add corr=corAR1() to your lme call.

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+1, I think they mean ?corClasses. @user, you should check the documentation here: ?lme. –  gung Jul 1 '12 at 17:54

The correlation at lag $1$ is say $r$, where $-1< r <1$ for a stationary $AR(1)$ model. The correlation at lag $k \geq 1$ is $r^k$. This gives you the autocovariance matrix by just multiplying by the variance of $X_t$.

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