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Does there exist an a musical programming language with an interpreter written in pure C?

I have found lilypond and I understand there are a number of interpreters for ABC Notation but what I am looking for is a formal language defined for creating music of all forms with an associated interpreter written in pure C?

Essentially what I am interested in creating is a rich music creation/playback environment. Ideally the interpreter would be written in javascript as well. Building on such, the abstract notation of the music could be interpreted cost effectively on a pure C based backend while conveniently interpreted on the client side browser via javascript.

NOTE: By interpreted I am refer to both the ability to map the langage to library of sounds and instruments, as well as render it in the form of a musical score (as lilypond does) along with other visuals forms (for example, tabs for the guitar).

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this isn't exactly what you seem to want, as it requires Clojure and by extension Java, however it might be worth checking out anyway: overtone.github.com –  leemachin Sep 2 '12 at 16:45
@leemachin Supercollider (what Overtone is built on) is definitely along the right lines! only written in java... –  rudolph9 Sep 2 '12 at 17:12

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