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1) I am using AWK script to process some logs.

2) At one place I need to check if the variable value is null or empty to make some decision.

Any Idea how to achieve the same?

awk '

       split($i, keyVal, "@")
       if(val ~ /^ *$/)



' File

I have tried with

1) if(val == "")

2) if(val ~ /^ *$/)

not working in both the cases.

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Could you provide some sample data? –  Levon Aug 14 '12 at 13:10

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The comparison with "" should have worked, so that's a bit odd

As one more alternative, you could use the length() function, if zero, your variable is null/empty. E.g.,

if (length(val) == 0)

Also, perhaps the built-in variable NF (number of fields) could come in handy? Since we don't have access to your input data it's hard to say though, but another possibility.

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Thanks, length(val) is working for me. –  samarth Aug 14 '12 at 14:04

It works just fine for me

$ awk 'BEGIN{if(val==""){print "null or empty"}}'
null or empty

You can't differentiate between variable being empty and null, when you access "unset" variable, awk just initializes it with default value(here it is "" - empty string). You can use some sort of workaround, for example, setting val_accessed variable to 0 and then to 1 when you access it. Or more simple approach(somewhat "hackish") setting val to "unitialized"(or to some other value which can't appear when running your program).

PS: your script looks strange for me, what are the nested brackets for?

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