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I have a list of similar object. The objects in this list all have a property named Name and an enum type which is named Mk2Result but are of enum type Mk2TestResult.

Now inside a for loop I wind to see if the current itterator integer is exist in the list as a name of an object:

    var query = 
        from pin in _pins 
        where pin.Name == i.ToString() 
        select pin.Mk2Result;

    Mk2TestResult result = (Mk2TestResult)query;

    //Do some more stuff

But the compiler complains with the following message:

Cannot convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<DataModels.Mk2TestResult>' to 'DataModels.Mk2TestResult'

How to correctly return the query result as the enum type?

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Your query actually returns a collection of your Enum type. If you just want one result, you will have to use the Single, SingleOrDefault, First, or FirstOrDefault extension methods.

Note: Use the methods that are named OrDefault when you think its possible for the query to return no results. Empty result sets would cause an exception when calling Single or First.

var query = 
    from pin in _pins 
    where pin.Name == i.ToString() 
    select pin.Mk2Result;

// If pin.Mk2Result is strongly typed, the cast is not necessary
Mk2TestResult result = query.FirstOrDefault();
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Mk2TestResult result = (Mk2TestResult)query.FirstOrDefault();

Because you are trying to cast list to one object. But you will get only the first object. You can use a funcion inside FirstOrDefault function parameters to get the object you need.

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The result of the query is a collection of elements, not the single one. That is what compiler is trying to say you. If you want to get the first value from this collection you should use Enumerable.First Method. If you want to have superposition of the Mk2TestResult you can use the Enumerable.Aggregate Method. Or you could simply iterate through the collection and perform some action based on the concrete Mk2TestResult value.

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you are trying to cast a collection of Mk2TestResult objects to just one so either get the FirstOrDefault or cast to an IEnumerable

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Linq returns IEnumerable, so you have to iterate throught it:

var query = 
    (from pin in _pins 
    where pin.Name == i.ToString() 
    select pin.Mk2Result).ToList();

foreach(var result in query)
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The Type you are returning is a collection of Mk2TestResul so you need to store it in a List or Array or anything that implements IEnumerable.


List<Mk2TestResult> result = query.ToList();
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To add a new Enum type to Dynamic linq, you must add the following code :


T : Enum Type.

to the predefinedTypes property of dynamic.

That's work for me

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