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I am trying to Query the Google Analytics API using Python. I've followed the example on the documentation. (I've made very minor changes to help me debug the problems I'm having). I keep getting a 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' which I don't seem to be able to explain. I'm just following the Example in the Documentation offered by Google which tries to get ga:visits data for the 03/03/2012.

The code I'm running is:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import sys

# import the Auth Helper class
import hello_analytics_api_v3_auth

from apiclient.errors import HttpError
from oauth2client.client import AccessTokenRefreshError

def main(argv):
  # Step 1. Get an analytics service object.
  print "I got here twice"
  service = hello_analytics_api_v3_auth.initialize_service()

    # Step 2. Get the user's first profile ID.
    profile_id = get_first_profile_id(service)
    print profile_id

    if profile_id:
      # Step 3. Query the Core Reporting API.
      results = get_results(service, profile_id)
      print "I got the results"

      # Step 4. Output the results.
      print "I printed the results"

  except TypeError, error:
    # Handle errors in constructing a query.
    print ('There was an error in constructing your query : %s' % error)

  except HttpError, error:
    # Handle API errors.
    print ('Arg, there was an API error : %s : %s' %
           (error.resp.status, error._get_reason()))

  except AccessTokenRefreshError:
    # Handle Auth errors.
    print ('The credentials have been revoked or expired, please re-run '
           'the application to re-authorize')

def get_first_profile_id(service):
  # Get a list of all Google Analytics accounts for this user
  print "I am trying to get first profile ID"
  accounts = service.management().accounts().list().execute()

  if accounts.get('items'):
    # Get the first Google Analytics account
    firstAccountId = accounts.get('items')[0].get('id')

    # Get a list of all the Web Properties for the first account
    webproperties = service.management().webproperties().list(accountId=firstAccountId).execute()

    if webproperties.get('items'):
      # Get the first Web Property ID
      firstWebpropertyId = webproperties.get('items')[0].get('id')

      # Get a list of all Profiles for the first Web Property of the first Account
      profiles = service.management().profiles().list(

      if profiles.get('items'):
        # return the first Profile ID
        return profiles.get('items')[0].get('id')

  return None

def get_results(service, profile_id):
  # Use the Analytics Service Object to query the Core Reporting API
  return service.data().ga().get(
      ids='ga:' + profile_id,
      ##The start date dates range is hard coded here
      ##We have to change this so it becomes an input parameter
      ##The end date is also hard coded in
      ##Change this to be an input parameter
      ##If you run out of ideas, read the start date off a txt file
      ##And then have the user change the text file before running
      ##the program

def print_results(results):
  # Print data nicely for the user.
  print results
  if results:
    print 'First Profile: %s' % results.get('profileInfo').get('profileName')
    print 'Total Visits: %s' % results.get('rows')[0][0]

    print 'No results found'

##if __name__ == '__main__':

Which is returning the following results:

I got here twice
I am trying to get first profile ID
I got the results
{u'kind': u'analytics#gaData', u'containsSampledData': False}, u'itemsPerPage': 1000, u'totalsForAllResults': {u'ga:visits': u'0'}, u'columnHeaders': [{u'dataType': u'INTEGER', u'columnType': u'METRIC', u'name': u'ga:visits'}], u'query': {u'max-results': 1000, u'start-date': u'2012-03-03', u'start-index': 1, u'ids': u'ga:REDACTED', u'metrics': [u'ga:visits'], u'end-date': u'2012-03-03'}, u'totalResults': 0, u'id': u'https://www.googleapis.com/analytics/v3/data/ga?ids=ga:4159539&metrics=ga:visits&start-date=2012-03-03&end-date=2012-03-03&start-index=1&max-results=1000', u'selfLink': u'https://www.googleapis.com/analytics/v3/data/ga?ids=ga:4159539&metrics=ga:visits&start-date=2012-03-03&end-date=2012-03-03&start-index=1&max-results=1000'}
First Profile: H - REDACTED
There was an error in constructing your query : 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

Can anyone help us by explaining what's going wrong and showing us what we need to fix? :)


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What type is results ? – fredrik Aug 14 '12 at 13:42
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Ensure that objects are not None before calling the get function. Maybe


is returning None and profiles.get('items') is failing.

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It's too late for you, but maybe someone will have similar problem.

Yes, at first point error is because


is returning None. But readable answer is, you dont have any sessions at given date. That was in my case, because i want to get data from 2012, and API did not return ('rows') in results.

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In my case , it was just that I had no sessions between mentioned dates. so got the same 'NoneType' object returned

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Yes I had the same problem. The default date range is the "last seven days" for which I was getting an error as there were no sessions. But once i increased the date range, i was getting the desired output

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