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I want to run a script after a new page will appear. Doing so: in index.html (link):

<a href="games.html" data-transition="slide"><img src="./images/1.jpg" alt="" width='100'/></a>

in games.html, but this code dont'd run:


and function:

function update_list_games(gamer_id)
            requestToServer(prefix_server + 'load_games_list.php?gamer_id=' + gamer_id, function(response){
                if ( != null)
                    if (games_list == "")
                        for (i = 0; i <; ++i)
                            games_list += "<li class='my_li' onClick=get_game("+i+")><a href='#page3'><img align='left' src='images/"[i].icon+"' height='45' width='45' style='padding:10px;'/><h3>"[i].name+"</h3><p>"[i].description+"</p></li>";


How can I do this?

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Your function expects a parameter (gamer_id) but you call it without one. Also there are other variables used (f.e. prefix_server) and functions called (requestToServer) in the function that seem to be declared in a different scope (globally?), so without knowing them I cannot answer better.

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function update_list_games - work! If open games.html, then function run and return current games, but if use link, then function dont't called. – Alex Aug 14 '12 at 14:33

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