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It is my first time to use codeigniter in building my school project.

Let me go straight.

I can get my POST request except for the form_upload();

This is my sample FORM:

echo form_open('admin/test_upload');
    echo form_input(array('name' => 'title'));?><br/><?
    echo form_upload(array('name' => 'file'));
    echo form_submit(array('name' => 'submit', 'value' => 'submit'));
echo form_close();

This is my CONTROLLER:

function test_upload(){
    $data['header'] = "TEST UPLOAD";
    var_dump($_POST) ; //basically, this is function echoes back the post array.
    $this->load->view('admin/dashboard_view', $data);

This is the Output

array(2) {
string(3) "asd"
string(6) "submit"

//The ["file"] is missing.... wHAT!?>

Can someone help me out?

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File uploads need to have an enctype="multipart/form-data" in their form tag, so you should be using this to open the form:

echo form_open_multipart('admin/test_upload');

Also, as the others have mentioned, the uploaded files will be in $_FILES instead of $_POST.

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ok so how can i retrieve this request? can i use $this->input->post('file'); ? –  Juni Brosas Aug 14 '12 at 14:03
You will use $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'] to get the path to the temporary uploaded file, which you can then copy to your server or do whatever. $_FILES['file']['name'] will include the original path of the uploaded file. There's a lot more detailed information in the docs on PHP.net. –  MrSlayer Aug 14 '12 at 14:41
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You're looking in the wrong superglobal ($_POST). Check $_FILES and make sure that the form's enctype is "multipart/data".

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