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Thanks for the help. I am trying to use Adobe Acrobat X Pro to extract pages from PDFs. I have a folder which contains about 300 PDFs. I only need to last three pages of each file.

I have used the following line (found in this tutorial) within Adobe Acrobat as a guided action.


A guided action allows a user to perform the action on all files in a folder. This line produces the last three pages but does not save the file. It opens a temporary PDF file and goes to the next file in the folder. After a dozen or so files my computer freezes because of all the temporary files created. I need a way to save and close each file.

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You need to specify a path to save the new document, this is what the cPath parameter to Doc.extractPages() does:

    nStart: this.numPages-3, 
    cPath: '/C/some/dir/' + this.documentFileName
this.closeDoc(false); // to close the current document

See: Acrobat JS API Reference

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