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I wish to develop a custom network layer protocol. I suppose it can be done using C. Can any one suggest how to begin with. Any references or sample code would be of great help.

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Designing a protocol is very much different from implementing one. Ideally you'd design it well enough such that it can be implemented in any language. – Jeff L Jul 28 '09 at 17:12
What kind of protocol? What kind of interoperability requirements are we talking about? Does it need to be extensible for interoperability with future versions? Or for third-party extensions? Is this a private protocol for your application or are you planning on standardizing it? – bdonlan Jul 28 '09 at 17:16

If you're wanting to develop a custom protocol sample code isn't really going to help! You must first design your protocol.

  • What is the purpose of this network? File Sharing, Commands, Other?

  • What can connect to this network? Computer, Printer, Other?

  • How will devices communicate? Messages, Codes, Other?

  • What will a message or command consist of?

These are all valid questions you must ask yourself when you design. After your design is done, then you can start writing the actual implementation. A task like this will require a lot of design though. Forewarned..

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Stevens' TCP/IP Illustrated volume 2 has most of the source for the higher layers in the stack.

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Take a look at the x-kernel project. "The x-kernel is an object-based framework for implementing network protocols."

I stumbled over this one several years ago. I'd talked to Don Batory at UT Austin about his research on Product Line Architectures. At one point, I asked him if anyone was looking at doing something similar for network protocols, and he pointed me at the x-kernel work.

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