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If for example I have a class named A. Can I make an object be callable, just like Python does? For example :

def myObject = new A()

and that would call some object method. Can it be done?

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In Groovy only closures are callable by default. E.g. Classes are not callable out of the box. If necessary you can dynamically add a call method to a type's ExpandoMetaClass to make all instances of that type callable.

Hint: you can try out all code sample using the GroovyConsole

Closures are callable by default in Groovy:

// A closure
def doSomething = { println 'do something'}

// A closure with arguments
def sum = {x, y -> x + y}

// Currying
def sum5 = sum.curry(5)

To make all instances of a specific type callable you can dynamically add a call method to its meta class: = { prinlnt 'I was called' }
def myObject = new MyObject()

If you rather only make a specific instance callable you can dynamically add a call method to its meta class:

def myObject = new MyObject() = { println 'Called up on' }
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I noticed it works even without altering the metaclass. If I add a method named call, it will get called. –  Geo Jul 29 '09 at 8:18

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