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Hi I have a form element error and it keeps breaking it when I wrap it in the translation function. I am using gettext for the translation.

I understand that if I have it set in the registry and Zend_Form it should pick it up automatically but how does poedit see it if at all?

My Bootstrap (Relevant Part):

    // Set the instance of Zend_Translate in the registry
    $registry->set('Zend_Translate', $translate);
    // Set an instance of Zend Translate object for validators

My Error Form:

public function formErrors(Zend_Form $form)
        $registry = Zend_Registry::getInstance();
        $translate = $registry->get('Zend_Translate');

    if ($form->getMessages()) {
        $error = '<p class="errorBox">Error text here</p>';
        return $error;
    return '';


 $this->translate('string to translate'); or $this->getView()->translate('string'); 

works everywhere else but not here

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The usage within a form which I used on the last project was

$this->getTranslator()->translate('text to translate')

This was only used minorly as we had auto-detect resource paths so we did not need to call it. The way you want to use it does seem slightly different. I would recommend adding the extra call after getView() though as it could be the solution.

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