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I have developed a facebook application, where users upload video and audio. Now i want that without authentication no user will be able to use the application.

Why i want this is because i need the user profile picture, the current loggedin user profile picture. So that i can welcome him after authentication.

After searching for hours, i was unable to get answer for myself, so posting it here.

I have read the complete documentation

but unable to understand. It would be great if anyone can help me.

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what type of app is this? A canvas app, a pagetab app as your link suggests or a website? Do you have a code example? The docs generally cover this in great detail. – TommyBs Aug 14 '12 at 14:55
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If you are looking for authentification for canvas application then read this documentation.

If you wanna use server-side authentification then download official php SDK from github. Repository contains example application. I've recommend this way of authentification because it is the easiest. Documentation for SDK.

And exists client-side way of autentification. Documentation for JS SDK and example application.

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