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I've managed to create a custom BaseAdapter for my ListView which renders my elements correctly. I've got a nice 4x4 grid of items beautifully drawn.

Now I'd like to change the state of one of the items on pressed (like a button OnPressed state). I've achieved this with a custom control derived from button, and some custom states. This allows me to programatically or on touch, change the state of the item in question. Perfect.

Now I'd like the elements (in a given state) to exceed the bounds provided by the listView.
The adapter's getView method returns a view, but this (AFAIK) fits within the columns provided, with the listview expanding to fit the view returned. What I want is to specify the height of each row, but allow the item to fill beyond these bounds. For example, on press I'd like to draw a big circle around the item touched - this circle would overlap other elements as it encompasses the item; the circle exceeds the bounds of the element it encircles.

Is there a simple padding or layout parameter to specify allowing the Drawable to exceed the bounds of the space allocated by the list view? Or do I need another view of a circle ontop of the ListView and position at the right place on touch? (the circle is currently a background drawable of the button, shown via a selector for the correct state).

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