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I'm developing a IE BHO to deny some certain URLs. When I find one target URL, I want to open one iframe, above the webpage showing a warning. To find what URL the user is, I'm using the BeforeNavigate2 event. When I find a target URL, I'll create the iframe. So the code for now is:

procedure DoBeforeNavigate2(
               const pDisp: IDispatch;
               var URL: OleVariant;
               var Flags: OleVariant;
               var TargetFrameName: OleVariant;
               var PostData: OleVariant;
               var Headers: OleVariant;
               var Cancel: WordBool
Document: IHTMLDocument2;
iFrame: IHTMLElement;
  Document:= IE.Document as IHTMLDocument2;
  iFrame:= Document.createElement('iframe');
  iFrame.setAttribute('src', 'http://www.google.com/', 0);
  iFrame.setAttribute('id', 'iFrame', 0);
  iFrame.setAttribute('style', 'position: fixed; left: 0px; top: 0px; border: 0px; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: white', 0);

it's supposed to open an iframe with google.com above all websites, but it just crash IE... can someone help-me solve this?Thank's!

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The page hasn't loaded yet in BeforeNavigate2. You might try doing this in DocumentComplete. Store the IWebBrowser2 object in your BHO's SetSite method and check that pDisp is the same object (QI to IWebBrowser2 first) to verify that the page is loading into the main browser window (and not a frame). Then you should be able to inject the iframe as in your current code. I don't know Delphi, so perhaps that's why I don't understand what IE.Document is, but you should probably use the Document property of the IWebBrowser2 object instead.

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