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when using Achartengine for drawing a chart , the function of Achartengine library will just provide a intent, then you just need to jump to the screen pointing by the intent ; yes .... this can be work perfect .. However , the screen is so simple and the style of the chart screen is totally uncompatible with other screen's , and it seems that the Achartengine library doesn't provide any interface to change the chart UI ( not just the color of line or point), can any one tell me some idea to solve this issue... any help will be appreciated!


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The AChartEngine APIs actually allow you create views as well. This means that you can have a chart together with other UI components under the same screen. There is example code in the AChartEngine demo showing you how to do this.

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my are right ...! i think i should use " charFactory.get****view " instead of " charFactory.get****intent " . i will test this method later , thank you very much! – Bob Aug 15 '12 at 3:36

If you apply an application wide theme through your manifest you will inherit some of them. Things like background colors, etc. Otherwise you have to specify your text/axis/line colors through code when setting up the intent.

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