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You may say that there are lots of discussions about this in stackOverflow, but most of them are more complicated than what I need and mostly for other languages.

I have a MySQL remote database in which I have a "Help" table with the code for filling the help pages of the dynamic web site that uses this database.

I decided to make a Delphi application to manage that website instead of doing by the web site itself for more speed and security.

I want to put a TRichEdit to make that help text and use simple things like alignment, bold, italic and underlined styles. I don't want to use pictures and fonts.

How to pick that rich styled text and convert it to HTML to put to my BLOB field in the remote database and then reconvert to rich text if I want to edit it again?

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There is a commercial, easy to use RTF to HTML / RTF to XHTML converter library for Delphi called ScroogeXHTML, which can be configured to process only basic font properties. (disclaimer: I am the author of this library) – mjn Aug 14 '12 at 16:53
And how much is this library? – EASI Aug 14 '12 at 17:14
You can find it on this page ;-) – TLama Aug 14 '12 at 17:50
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If you really want to generate RTF content using a TRichEdit, then you should store the native RTF it generates alongside the converted HTML. If the only reason you are using TRichEdit is so that you can have simple formatting capabilities, then you are probably better off using an HTML edit control that generates native HTML content.

Regardless of which way you go, it is best to store the native format for users to edit the content, and convert it as needed to other formats (instead of converting it both directions).

If you use TRichEdit, then you can easily stream the RTF content in and out of the control, although I recommend TJvRichEdit over TRichEdit:

procedure GetRTFData(MS: TMemoryStream; RTF: TRichEdit);
  MS.Position := 0;

procedure SetRTFData(MS: TMemoryStream; RTF: TRichEdit);
  MS.Position := 0;
  RTF.StreamFormat := sfRichText;

Manually converting RTF to HTML is not an easy task. There are unicode character considerations, font styles, font codes, paragraph formatting, numbered lists, special HTML characters, and SO much more. Even though you only need to support simple formatting, users often use other features that cause conversion headaches -- like copying content from MSWord and pasting it into your app with all sort of formatting and font styles.

JvRichEditToHtml does a decent job converting RTF to HTML, but we ended up writing our own conversion unit because we do a lot more with RTF than simple formatting. JvRichEditToHtml should easily handle what you've described as long as users don't introduce complex content via a copy/paste, or use the keyboard shortcuts to format the content (e.g., bullets = ctrl+shft+L, indent = ctrl+M, etc.).

There are also several good HTML edit controls for Delphi if you want to bypass the complexities of authoring in RTF and converting to HTML:

Google Results :: Delphi, HTML, Editor, Component

Stack Overflow :: Delphi, HTML, Editor, Component

We use TRichView because of its extensive capabilities. It can load/create RTF, and export HTML. It isn't free however. If you are looking for something free, TJvRichView and JvRichEditToHtml are good options.

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