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I am looking to create a simple mapview in Titanium (appcelerator), but what I want/need to do is have the user click, or longpress on the the map and get the latitude and longitude from that selection on the map. The mapview does have a mapview.addEventListener('click',function(evt)), but I dont get a these values when clicked. Any help with this would be awesome!

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It is very easy to just calculate the latitude and longitude from the click or longpress coordinates (if were not too zoomed out). Use this function inside the event listener taken from this question at Appcelerator Q&A:

var calculateLatLngfromPixels = function(mapview, xPixels, yPixels) {

    var region = mapview.actualRegion || mapview.region;
    var widthInPixels = mapview.rect.width;
    var heightInPixels = mapview.rect.height;

    // should invert because of the pixel reference frame
    heightDegPerPixel = -region.latitudeDelta / heightInPixels; 
    widthDegPerPixel = region.longitudeDelta / widthInPixels;

    return {
        lat : (yPixels - heightInPixels / 2) * heightDegPerPixel + region.latitude,
        lon : (xPixels - widthInPixels / 2) * widthDegPerPixel + region.longitude


Note that you cant listen for a longpress event on the MapView itself so nest it in a regular container view and add the listeners to that. Example usage like this:

var container = Ti.UI.createView({
    top : 0,
    left : 0

container.addEventListener('longpress', function(e) {
    var coordinate = calculateLatLngfromPixels(mapview, e.x, e.y);
    var longitude = coordinate.lat;
    var latitude = coordinate.lat;

This will work if your looking at a (relatively) small area of the earth, when youre fully zoomed out, you would have to use a mercator projection to get real coordinates because of the curvature of the earth, if you want to be fully zoomed out then use the module.

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It looks like the mapview.addEventListener('longpress'), or mapview.addEventListener('click') does not get fired in titanium. I've tried both events neither get fired or return values –  thechrisberry Aug 15 '12 at 2:41
Add the mapview into a container View, then add the listeners to the container view, it will work the exact same. –  Josiah Hester Aug 15 '12 at 4:56
That seemed to do it, also if anyone else is having these type of issues be sure you set/predefine a region for the map when it loads. If you DONT the map region will be undefined thus causing an error. Thanks Josiah –  thechrisberry Aug 16 '12 at 1:09

There is a module in the marketplace for that. It costs $0.99 to purchase and will give you the coordinates of a map https://marketplace.appcelerator.com/apps/1334

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I seen this but its IOS only. Thanks for the look up though. –  thechrisberry Aug 14 '12 at 15:43

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