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I'm trying to copy a file (Google presentation) in the Google drive using the app script (see below). However, when I execute the small script, the following message pops ups:

File Pres123 New must be converted to a Google document first. (line 3)

Does someone has a hint for me regarding what I'm doing wrong?

function myFunction() { <br>
  var blafile = DocsList.getFileById("11lyU7q7TjPl89Ryjl_rU9YAZnGBCfSiRyxWlZfvOF-E"); <br>
  var newfile = blafile.makeCopy(); <br>
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This is a known issue, copying files only work for Documents and Spreadsheets. You should star the issue to keep track of updates and kind of vote for it.

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