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I am utterly confused with trying to use babel with flask for language translation.

Lets assume the following. A user has a preferance of spanish over english. I have a variable that marks this:


Lets say I have to messages, one on english and the other in spanish that I want to display. 'Please' vs 'por fovor'


Here is my base babel config file

[python: **.py]
[jinja2: **/templates/**.html]

So, where does 'Please' go and how is it mapped to 'por fovor' if user pref is spanish?

Then, how to I call from a template based on language profile?


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Flask-Babel is really great. Search by jinja + i18n + flask. Look at docs to get more info. A little explanation:

First: you can create the default translations dir. Example:


Assume that your site is in Portuguese and English.

Second: Create a file called messages.po. .po file which contains the translated strings

msgid "Hello world"
msgstr "Olá mundo"

Three: execute

 pybabel compile -d translations to create mo file.

Four: On flask, use

app.config['BABEL_DEFAULT_LOCALE'] = 'pt_BR' #(context locale to load language).

Five: to get translated string in your templates use

<h1>{{ _('Hello world') }}</h1>
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What about translations within js code? Is it actually possible? –  jarandaf Mar 13 at 8:25
@jaranda I don't known, but maybe you can translate in server side and send to client as jsonp. –  Jonathan Prates Mar 13 at 17:31

Have you runned the pybabel translation as explained in the guide? http://packages.python.org/Flask-Babel/

And see http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/templates/#i18n-in-templates and http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/integration/#babel-integration

It seems you can simply use _()

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