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So here are my requirements:

  1. Render chart data
  2. User can specify all chart labels (x, and y axis, header, sub-header, footer, sub-footer)
  3. User can export the chart to various formats
  4. Potentially support other arbitrary content like side-bars

Highcharts was a great choice for #1 and #3. It even had most of #2 covered, however, it does not natively support the concept of footers.

Initially I was just outputting the footers as plain HTML elements below the rendered highchart object, but when exporting the highchart the footers were, obviously, not included.

I then learned that highcharts allows free-from drawing by tapping into its own internal renderer, which seemed perfect to address both #2 and #4!

However, the text and shapes I'm rendering are still not exported. I was able to easily create an example that illustrates what I'm trying to do via jsfiddle.

Can anyone help me satisfy those requirements? Perhaps there is some flag I'm missing in highcharts to let everything export?

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I figured it out. Instead of doing the free-form rendering in the on complete callback of the Highcharts.Chart function, I'm doing it in the load event.

So strange that moving where I did the rendering fixed it.

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can u post a fiddle where u able to export the chnages i am also stuck please help . –  Rinzler Sep 4 '12 at 9:08
You bet. Here is a working version of the same fiddle: –  bojingo Sep 6 '12 at 17:37
thanks a lot friend –  Rinzler Sep 7 '12 at 9:49

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