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I have a url like this "https://site.com/cgi-bin/somescript.pl?file=12345.pdf&type=application/pdf". When i go to this url it will dispaly an pdf in my browser in an iframe. Is it possible to save this pdf? I am thinking of getting the http response stream and dump it into a file. Please advice. Thanks.

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Something like this would work

             const string FILE_PATH = "C:\\foo.pdf";
             const string DOWNLOADER_URI =  "https://site.com/cgi-bin/somescript.pl?file=12345.pdf&type=application/pdf";

            using (var writeStream = File.OpenWrite(FILE_PATH)) 
                var httpRequest = WebRequest.Create(DOWNLOADER_URI) as HttpWebRequest;
                var httpResponse = httpRequest.GetResponse();
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