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I'm trying to create a Ruby 1.9.3 string with a bullet character in it.

str = "•" + " hello world"

But, when I type it in, I get a syntax error about a non-ASCII character.

How can I do this?

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You can put the Unicode character in there.

str = "\u2022" + " hello world"
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Tested this in IRB on 1.9.3 and it doesn't work, it just returns the string literal "\u2022". Ideas? –  lyonsinbeta Aug 14 '12 at 15:57

Works for me (ruby 1.9.3)

str = "•" + " hello world" 
str # => "• hello world"
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Don't use ASCII string–but you don't state what version of Ruby you're using. You can also use the Unicode character, "\u2022", if you're using 1.8, or see other options in the primer below.

In 1.9 this should work fine as-is. You can also force UTF-8 using encode and/or force_encoding.

Ruby 1.9 Encodings Primer.

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