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In my application I have to show a PDF reader (PDF from a server) and copy everything to another PDF. I am using Reader to show the PDF.

But it is unable to format the text inside the PDF. Bold text is shown in some different narrow font other than Bold. Can you please give me a solution?

Again, while writing I am using Saving a PDF document to disk using Quartz. But here I am facing the same problem. The new PDF is showing the font other than what is used in the source PDF.

I tried the code below also. Still I am getting the same O/P. Please help me with this. I have not tested it with another text font like italic / underline. It should work for these fonts also.

- (void) generatePdfWithFilePath: (NSString *)thefilePath {
  UIGraphicsBeginPDFContextToFile(thefilePath, CGRectZero, NULL);
  BOOL done = NO;

  do {
    //Start a new page.
    UIGraphicsBeginPDFPageWithInfo(CGRectMake(0, 0, pageSize.width, pageSize.height), nil);
    NSString *filePath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"MyPdf" ofType:@"pdf"];
    CFURLRef url = (CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:filePath];
    CGPDFDocumentRef pdf = CGPDFDocumentCreateWithURL(url);
    CGPDFPageRef page = CGPDFDocumentGetPage(pdf, 1);
    CGRect paperSize = CGPDFPageGetBoxRect(CGPDFDocumentGetPage (pdf, 1), kCGPDFMediaBox);
    CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();
    CGContextTranslateCTM(context, 0, paperSize.size.height);
    CGContextScaleCTM(context, 1.0, -1.0); 
    CGContextDrawPDFPage(context, page);
    done = YES;
  } while (!done);


It is happening if the source PDF is generated from a source other than an iOS device.

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A couple of thoughts:

  1. The font you're looking to display is not in any of the iOS devices, nor is it embedded in the PDF. Thus, it substitutes a font it thinks is similar.
  2. You don't have to use Reader to display a PDF, you can use a web view, the UIDocumentInteraction Controller, or CGPDFController. You might have more luck using one of these built-in displays, rather than Reader.
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