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I have the following php email contact form, I want to make it possible for the users to include an image which would be sent together with the other text. for example instead of the first_name thing to have an image. thanks in advance!

if(isset($_POST['email'])) {

    $email_to = "youremail@someone.com";
    $email_subject = "yourSubject";

    function died($error) {
        // your error code can go here
        echo "We are very sorry, but there were error(s) found with the form you submitted. ";
        echo "These errors appear below.<br /><br />";
        echo $error."<br /><br />";
        echo "Please go back and fix these errors.<br /><br />";

    // validation expected data exists
    if(!isset($_POST['first_name']) ||
        !isset($_POST['last_name']) ||
        !isset($_POST['email']) ||
        !isset($_POST['telephone']) ||
        !isset($_POST['comments'])) {
        died('We are sorry, but there appears to be a problem with the form you submitted.');

    $first_name = $_POST['first_name']; // required
    $last_name = $_POST['last_name']; // required
    $email_from = $_POST['email']; // required
    $telephone = $_POST['telephone']; // not required
    $comments = $_POST['comments']; // required

    $error_message = "";
    $email_exp = '/^[A-Za-z0-9._%-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}$/';
  if(!preg_match($email_exp,$email_from)) {
    $error_message .= 'The Email Address you entered does not appear to be valid.<br />';
    $string_exp = "/^[A-Za-z .'-]+$/";
  if(!preg_match($string_exp,$first_name)) {
    $error_message .= 'The First Name you entered does not appear to be valid.<br />';
  if(!preg_match($string_exp,$last_name)) {
    $error_message .= 'The Last Name you entered does not appear to be valid.<br />';
  if(strlen($comments) < 2) {
    $error_message .= 'The Comments you entered do not appear to be valid.<br />';
  if(strlen($error_message) > 0) {
    $email_message = "Form details below.\n\n";

    function clean_string($string) {
      $bad = array("content-type","bcc:","to:","cc:","href");
      return str_replace($bad,"",$string);

    $email_message .= "First Name: ".clean_string($first_name)."\n";
    $email_message .= "Last Name: ".clean_string($last_name)."\n";
    $email_message .= "Email: ".clean_string($email_from)."\n";
    $email_message .= "Telephone: ".clean_string($telephone)."\n";
    $email_message .= "Comments: ".clean_string($comments)."\n";

// create email headers
$headers = 'From: '.$email_from."\r\n".
'Reply-To: '.$email_from."\r\n" .
'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion();
@mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers);

Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you very soon.

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Do you want to send the image as an attachment or would you like to construct an html email that includes the image? –  Jrod Aug 14 '12 at 15:59
Do you want the image to be attached or displayed? If you want it displayed you need to send the email in HTML format. Regardless, sending email from PHP is a problem that is already well solved: SwiftMailer, PHPMailer, PEAR::Mail - no sense in re-inventing the wheel. –  DaveRandom Aug 14 '12 at 16:00
as an atachment. i know it is solved but i need to connect it with that form and i dont know how –  user1597975 Aug 14 '12 at 16:06
@MensurKosumi - Give it a try using any of DaveRandom's suggestions. To help you learn this more easily, try constructing a simpler test case than your actual form. Just a simple bare-bones PHP script that attaches some text and a file. Then replace the parts of the bare-bones test, piece by piece, so that you understand how each change affects your result. –  ghoti Aug 15 '12 at 1:51

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You probably want to make an html email.

Add: $headers .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";

And then use a standard img tag for your image

<img src="your_url />"

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i want it as attachment, i've seen solved solutions but i dont know how to include it on that form –  user1597975 Aug 14 '12 at 16:07
Sorry, please ignore my answer then. I'll leave it here for anyone looking in the future though. –  robbieAreBest Aug 14 '12 at 16:13
@ robbieAreBest, it ok thnx for try! –  user1597975 Aug 14 '12 at 16:15

This is what you're looking for I believe. Please see section with the heading "Sending Email with Attachment" http://webcheatsheet.com/php/send_email_text_html_attachment.php

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