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Is there an easy solution to mark string parameters of an inclusion_tag (or a templatetag in general) for translation? In this example i want to mark the second parameter for translation:

{% render_tile_section qs "Foo" %}

Using a inclusion_tag like this obviously doesn't work:

from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

def render_tile_section(qs, headline=''):
    return {'qs': qs,
            'headline': u'%s' % _(headline) if headline else ''}

My first idea was to subclass inclusion_tag and make it work like the trans tag for string parameters. But as far as i know Django's makemessages command will only evaluate trans and blocktrans in templates or i there a way to extend it? Any other ideas?

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The functionality is already built into Django's templatetags. Totally missed this in the docs:

{% some_special_tag _("Page not found") value|yesno:_("yes,no") %}
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