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I have a hyperlink on my page. I want to show a div when I mouse over the hyperlink, and hide it when I mouseout.

My html:

<a onmouseover="showDiv(this)" onmouseout="hideDiv(this)">
    <div class="inner-block">


function showDiv(elem) {

function hideDiv(elem) {

and CSS:

.inner-block {
    visibility: hidden

I've tried getElementsByTagName, getElementsByClassName, whatever I try I get

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'visibility' of undefined
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Is the closing of the a tag after that div? –  Mike Brant Aug 14 '12 at 16:56
Yes, The closing of the a tag is after the div- –  deakolt Aug 14 '12 at 16:57
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try this :

function showDiv(elem) {

function hideDiv(elem) {
    elem.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].style.visibility = "hidden"

since getElementsByClassName("inner-block2") will return NodeList

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I try this and now I get the issue: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined –  deakolt Aug 14 '12 at 17:00
@deakolt i made a change, try now –  shreedhar Aug 14 '12 at 17:07
I really appreciate your help, I tried that. Now I get: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getElementsByTagName' of undefined during the mouseover event –  deakolt Aug 14 '12 at 17:19
btw when are you loading your javascript? put your script after the dom ready. that means put it before the closing body tag. coz above solution is working fine for me –  shreedhar Aug 14 '12 at 17:22
I'm still not sure what's up with this. Curiously, elem.getElementsByTagName("img")[0] works fine, but elem.getElementsByTagName("div")[0] is not working. –  deakolt Aug 14 '12 at 17:37
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