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I have a class DashBoardTasks that extends SherlockListActivity that has the following code:

public class DashBoardTasks extends SherlockListActivity
  public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

  ActionBar a = DashBoardTasks.this.getSupportActionBar();

What happens is my SherlockActionBar disappears. So far so good.

Now I have this class TabHostTasks:

public class TabHostTasks extends tabActivity

When I call DashBoardTasks inside TabHostTasks what happens is a = null And the applicattion crashes!!!! Why? Why does it work outside the Tab but it crashes inside the tab ? I just what to Hide the actionbar.


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I suspect when TabActivity displays activities within its content area, those activities don't have window features like ActionBar. Your DashBoardTasks activity doesn't have the ActionBar; TabHostTasks does.

Write a method in TabHostTasks to manipulate your ActionBar. You can call getParent() from DashBoardTasks and cast it to TabHostTasks, then call your method to hide the bar.

Also you may consider trying to implement your app with a tabbed ActionBar instead. (TabActivity is deprecated)

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