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I want to get window handle by PID in autohotkey, because title of the window is always changing. If anyone wonder, I want to get handle of last.fm main window.

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You can use the WinGet command with the Cmd paramter as PID.

WinGet, OutputVar [, Cmd, WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText]

Cmd is the operation to perform, which if blank defaults to ID.
PID: Retrieves the Process ID (PID) of a window.

Other options include:

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The answer given by Honest Abe is incorrect. Suitup wants to convert a PID to a Window handle. Not a Window Handle to PID.

To get the first window Class/ID of a PID you can do the following:

Process, Exist, "notepad.exe"
NewPID = %ErrorLevel%  ; Save the value immediately since ErrorLevel is often changed.
if NewPID
{ ; process exists!
    WinGetClass, ClassID, ahk_pid %NewPID%   ; ClassID will be read here for the process
    WinGetTitle, Title, ahk_pid %NewPID% ; Title will contain the processe's first window's title
    IfWinExist ahk_class %ClassID% ; this will find the first window by the ClassID
        WinGet, WinID, ID ; this will get the ID of the window into WinID variable
        WinActivate ; this will bring this window to front (not necessary for example)  
        ListVars ; this will display your variables
    IfWinExist %Title% ; this will find the first window with the window title
        WinGet, WinID, ID
        WinActivate ; this will bring this window to front (not necessary for example)  

there are other methods to convert the PID other than IfWinExist I'm sure, and it is possible to have more than one process with same class ID. :) Additionally you can use

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I haven't closely studied the question/answer in particular, but are you sure @Suitup s answer is incorrect? It has been accepted as correct by OP. –  Magnilex Jan 4 at 18:47

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