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I cannot seem to have my stubs or mocks take affect in the class I have under test. I am trying to use the whenNew action so I can mock a return object and then mock a operation on that object with a returned value.

I imagine its something simple I am missing but not seeing it.

SOLUTION: Originally I was running with MockitoRunner.class and it required being changed to PowerMockRunner.class. Code below reflects the solution.

Jars on the classpath: powermock-mockito-1.4.11-full.jar mockoito-all-1.9.0.jar javassist-3.15.0-GA.jar junit-4.8.2.jaf objensis-1.2.jar cglib-nodep-2.2.2.jar


   import org.junit.Test;
    import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
    import org.powermock.api.mockito.PowerMockito;
    import static org.powermock.api.mockito.PowerMockito.*;
    import org.powermock.core.classloader.annotations.PrepareForTest;
    import org.powermock.modules.junit4.PowerMockRunner;
    import static org.mockito.Matchers.any;
    public class ClassATest {

        public void test() throws Exception
                String[] returnSomeValue = {"PowerMockTest"};
                String[] inputValue = {"Test1"};
                ClassB mockedClassB = mock(ClassB.class);
                whenNew( ClassB.class).withNoArguments().thenReturn( mockedClassB );
                when( mockedClassB, "getResult", any(String[].class) ).thenReturn(returnSomeValue);       

                IClassA classUnderTest = new ClassA();
                String[] expectedValue = classUnderTest.runTest(inputValue);      


Class A Implementation

public class ClassA implements IClassA {

    public String[] runTest(String[] inputValues) {

        String[] result;
        IClassB classB = new ClassB();
        result = classB.getResult(inputValues);

        return result;

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@gontard - updated. –  haju Aug 14 '12 at 23:25

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Since you are using powermock features (@PrepareForTest, PowerMockito.whenNew etc.), you have to run your test with the PowerMockRunner.


Because ClassB#geResult is not private, you may also simplify your code and replace

when( mockedClassB, "getResult", any(String[].class) ).thenReturn(someValue); 


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Tried that and it fails on the any(String[].class) ) saying "misplaced argument matcher detected here. Seems like its very hard to pass an array when mocking. –  haju Aug 14 '12 at 20:00
I dont understand, it works in my environment.Try with this also : "when(mockedClassB.getResult(any(String[].class))).thenReturn(someValue);" –  gontard Aug 14 '12 at 20:17
I complete my answer. Please complete your question by providing some details on your environment : junit, powermock, powermockito and mockito versions. Provides also the value of someValue in ClassATest#mockingTest. –  gontard Aug 15 '12 at 6:28
I deleted all everything and started fresh and resolved the issue I was having. Updated description to show root issue, resolution and additional configuration. –  haju Aug 15 '12 at 14:09

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