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I have a bunch of data defined as db.Model and I want to convert it to ndb.Model.

I tried just changing from db to ndb like so:

class Temp(db.Model):
  temperature = db.FloatProperty() 

class Temp(ndb.Model):
  temperature = ndb.FloatProperty() 

The thing is I can query the old values(the db-values) with the ndb definition of temp. But I dont seem to be able to store ndb values when I already have db-values with the same model-name.

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can you show how you are trying to save new values? –  aschmid00 Aug 14 '12 at 18:18
what makes you think you cant save new values? do you get an error? does it not return the new values? the model definition above is right . –  aschmid00 Aug 14 '12 at 19:25

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Are you getting any specific errors?

In this thread is explained that

You could even have two versions of the app, one using db and one using ndb, reading and writing the same entities in the datastore.

Also take a look to this cheat sheet (also referenced in the thread) for converting one db app to an ndb one.

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The excellent cheat sheet has been copied to the official NDB docs cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/python/ndb/db_to_ndb. Apart from format, it looks to be the same thing for now. Suspect the cheatsheet won't be maintained. –  intotecho Jun 14 at 8:29

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