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I have the following php script:

  global $db;
  $cart = $_SESSION['cart'];
  if ($cart) {
    $items = explode(',',$cart);
    $contents = array();
    foreach ($items as $item) {
      $contents[$item] = (isset($contents[$item])) ? $contents[$item] + 1 : 1;

    $output[] = '<form action="cart.php?action=update" method="post" id="cart">';
    echo 'you have following books';
    echo '</br>';
    $output[] = '<table>';

    foreach ($contents as $id=>$qty) {
      $sql = "SELECT * FROM books WHERE bcode ='$id'";
      $result = $db->query($sql);
      $row = $result->fetch();
      $output[] = '<tr>';

      $a = $output[] = '<td>  '.$bname.'</td>';
      $output[] = '<td>'.$price.'rs.</td>';
      $output[] = '<td>*'.$qty.'</td>';
      $output[] = '<td>Rs.'.($price * $qty).'</td>';
      $total += $price * $qty;
      $output[] = '</tr>';

    $output[] = '</table>';
    $output[] = '<p>Grand total: <strong>Rs.'.$total.'</strong></p>';

    $output[] = '</form>';
  } else {
    $output[] = '<p>You shopping cart is empty.</p>';


Is there a way to store results of the foreach loop in variables? .i.e $a will contain book name, but if there are two books the value of $a gets overwritten by the next book?

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you can define a variable e.g. $bookName and set it's value to the result of the sql query, then each time the loop runs it will override $bookName with the new name – Ronny vdb Aug 14 '12 at 18:36
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$a= $output[] = '<td>  '.$bname.'</td>';

You're re-intialising $a in every iteration of the loop.

All you need to do is set it right at the end of the function, with, say, an implode on $output

$a = implode ('\n', $output);

Or, if you don't want the whole output, just use it as an array:

$a[] = $output[] = '<td>  '.$bname.'</td>';
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i am still getting whole output .How to use it as array so that i only get books name. – zack Aug 14 '12 at 18:47
@zack - $a[] = $bname ? – andrewsi Aug 14 '12 at 18:49
thanx man that did the trick....:-) .. – zack Aug 14 '12 at 19:05

At the core of what you're asking is how to set a key-value pair:

$books = array();
foreach ($items as $item) {
  //get $bookName and $bookInformation

  $books[$bookName] = $bookInformation;

Because you specify the key $bookName, anything else that has the same name will overwrite the key ($bookName) with the new value ($bookInformation). In php, if you use the construct:

$books[] = $bookInformation;

You will simply append $bookInformation to the end of the $books array.

Note that your code has a number of other issues. $bname is never defined, for instance, and you're mixing output (echo) with business logic (such as saving book names to an array). You should really separate these parts. Also note that you have at least one line that doesn't do anything:

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thanx very much got the concept of []as i m beginner concepts are a little wavey for me – zack Aug 14 '12 at 18:56
Looking for just this one: $books[$bookName] = $bookInformation; - thanks a lot – Mayeenul Islam Sep 8 '14 at 4:23

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