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I have a Wix Custom Action that looks for Outlook and prompts the user to kill it. I don't want to kill OL myself but, want the user to do it. Here's my Custom Action:

    public static ActionResult PromptToCloseOutlook(Session session)
        session.Log("Detecting running instances of Microsoft Outlook...");
        ActionResult retVal = ActionResult.Success;

        Process outlook;
        while (null != (outlook = Process.GetProcessesByName("outlook").FirstOrDefault()))
            session.Log("Microsoft Outlook is running.");

            var result = session.Message(
                // See:
                new Record(null, "outlook.exe", outlook.Id)

            session.Log("User selected option:" + result);

            if (result == MessageResult.Cancel)
                session.Log("User does not wish to close Outlook at this time.");
                retVal = ActionResult.UserExit;
            else if (result == MessageResult.Ignore)
                session.Log("User wished to ignore and proceed.");
        return retVal;

I invoke this as:

<Custom Action="CA.PromptToCloseOutlook" Before="InstallValidate" />

However, when it runs on Win7, it shows a blank window (but correctly waits till OL is closed) empty window

On WinXP, the loop runs for ever, saying the PID is invalid. Since, I use the PID from the running instance, I'm not sure how that's possible.

Any ideas what's wrong with the code?

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