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I'm not familiar with the asp.net repeater control. I have two columns in the repeater, quantity and sku. On button click, I want to loop through the rows in the repeater and pass in each quantity and sku into a method. How do you get this information in a repeater?

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In the method for the button click:

foreach(RepeaterItem item in repeaterControlID.Items)
    var quantity = item.FindControl("quantityControlID");
    var sku = item.FindControl("skuControlID");

Or something like that. You could alternatively use the RepeaterItem's Controls property to look through them.

E: my interpretation of your question was: "On the postback caused by a button click, I want to loop through the items in the repeater and pass those values into a method." This will not be applicable to populating the repeater or doing something in client-side javascript.

And of course, MSDN is a great resource for learning how to use various classes, like the Repeater

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thanks, I looked at MSDN but didn't like the examples. –  jumbojs Jul 28 '09 at 19:08

Client side or server side? Assuming you mean server side, use the repeater's OnItemDataBound event. That will fire once per row, with the data for the row included as a parameter.

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It depends on how you are displaying "quantity" and "sku" in your ItemTemplate. If you're using the <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container, "quantity") %> syntax, you can do something like this:

foreach(RepeaterItem item in Repeater1.Items)
            string quantity = ((DataBoundLiteralControl)item.Controls[0]).Text;
            string sku = ((DataBoundLiteralControl)item.Controls[1]).Text;


It would help though if you could post your ItemTemplate.

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What a bad solution!!!!! And if the columns change her order!!?? –  Ricardo Felgueiras Nov 24 '11 at 18:19

You'll want to "type" your controls too to access its properties...

foreach(RepeaterItem item in this.RptTest.Items){ string DdlTestValue = ((DropDown)item.FindControl("DdlTest")).SelectedValue; string TxtTestValue = ((TextBox)item.FindControl("TxtTest")).Text; }

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