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So I downloaded ElasticSearch from the website and put it in my application directory and ran the command:

$ bin/elasticsearch

As the directions said but run into the error:

$ bin/elasticsearch
bin/elasticsearch: line 137: getopt: command not found
Error parsing arguments!

Its talking about this line in the file:

args=`getopt vfhp:D:X: "$@"`

What's wrong here? Anyone else have this problem?

I'm running on Windows 7, Ruby on Rails 3.1.0.


OK So at first I just clicked on the file:


and it said I needed to JAVA_HOME environment variable. You can do learn how to do that here:

Now everything is working after doing the following.

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If you are running Windows you should run the elasticsearch.bat batch file instead of the shell script elasticsearch that you are trying to run.

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While javanna's answer is correct, I just want to add that it's possible to run elasticsearch bash script using cygwin as you tried to do. You just need to install package called util-linux, which is not installed by default.

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Good to know! +1 – javanna Aug 16 '12 at 7:29

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