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is there a cheat sheet for putting up a Rails app (scaffolding is OK) all I need is 1 database called users with 2 fields name and email as string fields. I need the commands from:

rails new app_name


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There are numerous rails tutorials on the internet. Have you tried them? – Sergio Tulentsev Aug 14 '12 at 19:19
what I'm looking for is a list of commands. A lot of the videos start slow but fly by some of the actual things that they are typing. – Stephen 'Steef' Jacobson Aug 14 '12 at 19:55

A quick googling of rails cheat sheet gave me this, which looks quite good:

To get from rails new app_name to localhost:3000 I think the commands would be something like this (when scaffolding):

rails new app_name
cd app_name
rails generate scaffold user name:string email:string
rake db:migrate
rails server

By the way, try running just a command without parameters to read the documentation and usage examples, e.g. rails or rails generate or rails generate scaffold inside the app_name directory

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A resource that I found after I was familiar with the Rails framework is Ruby on Rails Tutorial. The online book is free and from what I've read seems to cover all the bases. Because it is a book you can follow at your own pace, but he does offer screencasts if that's your thing.

Another website that has tutorials is PeepCode. They have two screencasts on learning Rails 3.

  1. Meet Rails 3 (part 1)
  2. Meet Rails 3 (part 2)

I have never followed those two tutorials in particular, but I did purchase their two tutorials back around 2007 titled Rails from Scratch. However, don't purchase these because the Rails framework has changed a ton since then.

I know I didn't give you a list of commands, but part of learning the Rails commands is learning the framework itself. Here is the guide for the Rails Command Line.

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