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I am writing a batch file which will go out to several users' computers and pull some log files back to my own; however, I am trying to figure out how to 'trap' cases when their computer is offline and I receive a 'System Error 53' message. Here is an example of the command I am iterating:

robocopy "\\jcjcjq1\c$\Program Files\PigCHAMP\logs" "C:\Users\mikec\Documents\@Department\Financial Services\Service Requests\PigChamp_Logs" /XO
ECHO "Lea's Logs - Copy Complete"

I have tried using IF ERRORLEVEL ... type of trapping but I'm thinking that the system will keep retrying when it reaches a SEL 53 and won't break out to return an ERRORLEVEL.

Any ideas?

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If you don't want to try the robocopy at all if their computer is offline, try something like this:

ping -n 1 jcjcjq1 >nul && robocopy "\\jcjcjq1\c$\Program Files\PigCHAMP\logs" "C:\Users\mikec\Documents\@Department\Financial Services\Service Requests\PigChamp_Logs" /XO
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