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I have a sessions controller, with :new, :create and :delete actions. I also have a method that checks the current page controller:

def controller_for(path)

Normally, this method works fine, but if the user visits /login and signs-in with incorrect login details, then rails changes the url to /sessions and renders the :new action, at which point my method above throws an arror

No route matches "/sessions"

It seems that recognize_path is trying to do this:

>> r = Rails.application.routes
>> r.recognize_path "/sessions"
=> {:controller=>"sessions", :action=>"index"}

Since I don't have an index action, it is causing an error. What I really want, is this:

>> r.recognize_path "/login"
=> {:controller=>"sessions", :action=>"new"} 

So how can I force rails to keep the url as /login when sign-in fails, instead of changing it to /sessions?

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The problem is that you are using restful routes. When you post the login form, you're 'creating' a session, which is achieved by POSTing to /sessions. This is directed to SessionsController#create. /login is a separate, custom, non-restful path which gets sent to SessionsController#new, basically an alias for /sessions/new.

recognize_path defaults to interpreting the path as a GET request when the environment doesn't tell it otherwise. And a GET request assumes /sessions to mean the index view.

# The recognize_path method in the Rails source:
def recognize_path(path, environment = {})
  method = (environment[:method] || "GET").to_s.upcase

One way to 'fix' this is to change your routing. For example, you could add this to your routes:

match "/process_login" => "sessions#create", :as => 'process_login'

And then change your login form to match:

<% form_tag process_login_path do %>
  [your login form here]
<% end -%>

Now you'll post the form to /process_login instead of /sessions, and the path should be interpreted properly by the recognizer.

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Thanks, just noticed someone had answered this :) Good info there, I understand it now. – marflar Nov 4 '12 at 22:12
Glad it was useful. I lose track of my Stack replies from time to time as well ;) – Peter Duijnstee Nov 6 '12 at 15:02

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