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I'm using simpleXML in my php application.

I need to wrap my media elements with 'media group'. Here is the xml output so far:

<description>Workout with Hugo to get bigger biceps</description>
<media:credit role="author">workout title goes here</media:credit>
<media:content url=""/>
<media:thumbnail url=""/>
<jwplayer:message>This is a test message to display to the user</jwplayer:message>

I simply need to group the media elements like so:

   <media:credit role="author">workout title goes here</media:credit>
   <media:content url=""/>
   <media:thumbnail url=""/>

and here is the code I am using to create the xml file thus far:

$item = $channel->addChild( 'item' );
$item->addChild( 'title', $minsandsecs );
$item->addChild( 'link', '' );
$item->addChild( 'description', $viddesc );
$item->addChild( 'pubDate', '08/14/2012' );

$mediaCredit = $item->addChild( 'credit', 'workout title goes here','' );
$mediaCredit->addAttribute( 'role', 'author' );

$mediaContent = $item->addChild( 'content', '', '' );
$mediaContent->addAttribute( 'url', $vidsource );

$mediaThumbnail = $item->addChild( 'thumbnail', '', '' );
$mediaThumbnail->addAttribute( 'url', $imgloc );

$item->addChild( 'start',$vidstart, '' );
$item->addChild( 'duration',$viddur, '' );
$item->addChild( 'backcolor',$vidbackcolor, '' );
$item->addChild( 'message', $vidmessage, '' );
$item->addChild( 'routineID', $routineID, '' );

I'm sure it's something simple that I am overlooking. Thanks!

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You want to create namespaces, read this… – user1477388 Aug 14 '12 at 19:26

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You are not creating the <media:group> element anywhere, that is the main problem. Otherwise all you are missing is specifying the namespace prefix media: in addChild().

$mediaGroup = $item->addChild('media:group', '', '');

$mediaCredit = $mediaGroup->addChild('media:credit', 'workout title goes here', '');
$mediaCredit->addAttribute('role', 'author');

$mediaContent = $mediaGroup->addChild('media:content', '', '');
$mediaContent->addAttribute('url', $vidsource);

$mediaThumbnail = $mediaGroup->addChild('media:thumbnail', '', '');
$mediaThumbnail->addAttribute('url', $imgloc);
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