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How do i create a function replaceMe() in php that would turn:

$str = 'This is a very long string';


'This is a very long STRING?'

can someone help me?

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You apparently want to do a regular expression substitution, anchored at the end of the line. Use preg_replace:

$str = 'This is a very long string';

# This is a very long LINE
echo preg_replace("/string$/", "LINE", $str);

For a general case, you can provide a callback instead of a replacement string, and simply uppercase the matched substring with preg_replace_callback:

$str = 'This is a very long blah';

function word_to_upper($match) {
  return strtoupper($match[1]);

# This is a very long BLAH
echo preg_replace_callback("/(\w+)$/", "word_to_upper", $str);

If you're using PHP 5.4 or greater, you can supply the callback as an anonymous function:

echo preg_replace_callback("/(\w+)$/", function ($match) {
  return strtoupper($match[1])
}, $str);
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I'm pretty sure he means the last word "string" into "STRING", based on his title. However, your answer is perfect for his example. :) – Kyle Undefined Aug 14 '12 at 19:45

This works:

$str = 'This is a very long string';

echo $str."<br/>";

function replaceMe($str = "")
    $words = explode(" ",$str);
    $totalwords = count($words)-1;
    $lastword = $words[$totalwords];
    $words[$totalwords] = strtoupper($lastword);
    $str = implode(" ",$words);
    return $str;

echo replaceMe($str);


This is a very long string
This is a very long STRING

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Very well done. – Jeremy1026 Aug 14 '12 at 19:53
@Jeremy1026 thanks – reformed Aug 14 '12 at 20:11
$str = 'This is a very long string.';

function lastWordUpper($str){
$temp = strrev($str);
$last = explode(" ", $temp, 2);
return strrev(strtoupper($last[0]). ' ' .$last[1]) ;

echo lastWordUpper($str);
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