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I have a request that an application prompt the user to update (if the policy manager site says an update is available), and if they decline, prompt them again in N minutes. I have seen similar questions asked but when I tried to implement the code using handlers or timers, the activity is out of scope or a crash happens that I can't quite figure out, the class I am using requires an application context and an activity to get out various string variables and do tasks.

So I would like to generalize the question as maybe I am thinking about it the wrong way:

What is the best way to schedule a prompt for an update that can either be cancelled and return the user to the activity they were on (and then scheduled run again in N minutes), or direct the user to a web site?

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You should be using an AlarmManager with a PendingIntent and a BroadcastReceiver. You set the time with the alarm manager and give it a PendingIntent which you get by using the PendingIntent.getBroadcast method. 1 of the params you give this method is the BroadcastReceiver class which would receive a call when the time is up where you can do pretty much anything you'd like, which would probably be starting a new activity in your case.

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BroadcastReceiver can't seem to create alert dialogs as they are not an activity. //after edit: so then I'd have to make another screen just to pop the alert? i guess at that point I'd just add the buttons to the activity instead of popping an alert. –  fizgig Aug 14 '12 at 20:24
If you want the dialog look and feel, you can either create an activity with the Dialog theme or simply do only 1 thing in the activity and that's creating an Alert dialog. By the way, I believe you can save 1 step in my solution by giving the PendingIntent the activity class instead of using the getBroadcast method... I usually prefer working with receivers as it removes the alarm handling from the activity logic. –  IncrediApp Aug 14 '12 at 20:45

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