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I am currently working on an app for the iPhone. The purpose of the app is to load a web app from either the WWW or locally on the phone. These two runs in two different UIwebviews

I do though believe I have hit a small bump on the road. I am currently checking for reachability on start up, and i run two different methods: openOffline / openOnline depending on the reachability. When the phone has 3G turned off, it only has the mobile data. This is though still considered to be an internet connection, and it calls the openOnline method.

I have setup a little possibility, with a button click, to open the offline UIWebView and run openOffline. It does start the method, but the loading hangs for like 60 secs before opening the webapp. I believe this is because the other UIWebView is still establishing a (very slow) connection to the server. First when the online UIWebView is completely loaded, the offline UIWebView will open.

I don't know if it has anything to say, but both webviews uses a shitload of JavaScript :)

Thank you so much!

If you need any code, please let me know!


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This may be because you load requests in two different UIWebViews simultaneous. Try to check this article

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